Dario Scardapane, TRAUMA NBC TV show creator: Mr. Media Radio Interview

 Cliff Curtis and Aimee Garcia star in NBC’s “Trauma,” Mondays at 9 p.m.


From what I’ve read, the opening 10 minutes of the NBC drama “Trauma”—and say that five times fast—is the greatest introduction to a TV show ever. It cures cancer, tames global warming and reveals the secrets behind “Lost.”

Okay, maybe it doesn’t do the last thing, but still!

Seriously, NBC has had great success with emergency medicine shows going back to “Emergency!”—the one with the exclamation point—and, of course, the long-running “ER.”

AUDIO EXCERPT: “I keep hearing, ‘Okay, that’s a pretty amazing way to start things. How are you going to keep up with it week after week?’  Television isn’t the realm of the timid. Setting the bar really, really high for yourself… I embrace it.”

Dario Scardapane is the creator and executive producer of “Trauma,” which, all; kidding aside, is one of the most talked about dramas of the new TV season. And Scardapane brings an unusual background to this show. Instead of being a Hollywood set rat, he’s a former journalist who has worked at Vogue, Los Angeles Times, Details and US Magazine.

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