God’s personal accountant, David Caton, protects us from ourselves (Profile)

(Note from Mr. Media: It’s funny how a writer’s past never gets too far away. I had actually forgotten about this 1989 profile I wrote for Tampa Bay Life magazine. Back then, David Caton was the Florida director of the American Family Association. He and his moral compass disappeared for many years,

only to resurface in late 2011 as executive director of the Florida Family Association, which successfully pressured Lowe’s from withdrawing its advertising from the TLC reality series, “All-American Muslim.” This story provides deep background on Caton; for an update on his recent activities, try this December 21, 2011, column by Sue Carlton of the St. Petersburg Times. With the Republican National Convention coming to Tampa in 2012, it’s probably no accident that Caton has chosen to noisily resurface now. Read the entire profile here: http://www.mrmedia.com/?p=3583

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