Playboy model Breann McGregor. What else do you guys need? (2008 Audio Interview)

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Breann McGregor, model, Playboy Special Editions

Breann McGregor, model, Playboy Special Editions

Guys, Stacy Collins has your dream job.

As a managing editor of Playboy special editions, she spends day after day looking at the world’s most beautiful, mostly naked women. Some are in photographs, but many meet her discriminating eye in the flesh.

And now that I say that out loud, it’s not hard to understand why she’s in the job and you’re not.

Breann McGregor is one of the beauties Stacy works with. They actually spent a lot of time together this past year and will probably be just as inseparable in the coming year considering that Breann was named “Playboy Special Editions Model of the Year” and “Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Year.” She is featured on her own website I’ll say it again cause I know you guys are pre-occupied –

You can LISTEN to this interview by clicking the audio player below!

Let’s sex up this podcast with a flashback to the Mr. Media audio interview with Playboy Cyber Girl Breann McGregor and Special Editions editor Stacy Collins. It’s all clean talk; some of you may just feel dirty listening to it. I can’t help that.

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