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Balancing Act: How Executive MBAs Are Evolving… by Bob Andelman

… So Your Employee Can Handle Work And School Another recent story that I wrote for Global Trade Magazine.

Profile: Oba Chandler’s defense attorney Fred Zinober by Bob Andelman

(Originally published in Pinellas County Review, September 1994) They call it the Oba Chandler Room. In it, more than 75,000 documents and 300 pieces of evidence are stored, helter-skelter, in thick blue binders and floor-to-ceiling metal cabinets, all relating to… Continue Reading →

RIP Lance Ringhaver, Tampa Bay business and baseball leader BOOK EXCERPT

(Lance Ringhaver, a prominent Tampa Bay businessman and once a member of the Tampa Bay Baseball Group, died in a car accident on Tuesday, April 5, 2016. I profiled him in my 1993 book, Stadium For Rent: Tampa Bay’s Quest… Continue Reading →

Georgia Company, Florida Success, by Bob Andelman

Sometimes you can find my work — sans byline — in Florida Trend, too. The Party Authority in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland!

Class Action: How to Pick a Supply Chain Management School by Bob Andelman

Another recent story that I wrote for Global Trade Magazine. The Party Authority in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland!

Fully Covered: The Importance of Insuring Shipments by Bob Andelman

My work pops up in all kinds of places these days… such as Global Trade Magazine The Party Authority in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland!

Thomas Huggins. He knows people. People you should know. PROFILE

By BOB ANDELMAN Written September 17, 2005 Maddux Business Report Thomas Huggins knows people. Construction people, engineers, environmental consultants, accountants, attorneys and all kinds of professional, small business people. He’s made an entire business of knowing people, knowing people who… Continue Reading →

Meet long-time Tampa Bay Rowdies owner Cornelia Corbett! INTERVIEW

(Originally published in Florida Business/Tampa Bay, 1989) Before her, Cornelia Corbett’s team, the Tampa Bay Rowdies. Behind her, a few thousand exuberant soccer fans who haven’t given up the dream. There isn’t much to cheer on this overcast Sunday night… Continue Reading →

Ironman triathlon’s roots are in the Tampa Bay area! INTERVIEW

(UPDATE: This story, originally written in May 2009 and published in the Maddux Business Report in July 2009, became worth posting online for the first time when the Tampa Bay Times reported on August 28, 2015 that Dalian Wanda Group of… Continue Reading →

Joking Under Pressure: In the spotlight at UF’s amateur comedy night

By Bob Andelman (Photograph by Bill Braunstein) (Originally published in Gainesville Magazine, either 1979 or 1980.) This was not going to be easy. These people just lost a football game to Alabama 40-zip, were drinking heavily, and wanted to laugh… Continue Reading →

Q & A: Tampa Mayor Sandy Freedman! MADDUX REPORT 1991

(This interview with Tampa Mayor Sandy Freedman was recorded in March 1991 for the Maddux Report.) Sandy Freedman’s fingerprints are all over her city. In typical big city fashion, nothing of any significance happens in Tampa these days without the… Continue Reading →

GATES podcasts with author Bob Andelman!

Happy Birthday to Bernie Marcus, co-founder of The Home Depot!

Happy Birthday to one of my most famous collaborators, Bernie Marcus​, co-founder of The Home Depot​ and co-author of ‘Built From Scratch: How a Couple of Regular Guys Grew The Home Depot from Nothing to $30 Billion.” Wish him a… Continue Reading →

Bungle in the Jungle: Remembering the late Sam Hall (JUMP)

When the Tampa Bay Times published the obituary of Sam Hall on September 4, 2014 (he died August 11, 2014), I was reminded of a Q&A interview that Connie May Fowler–then still going by her pre-best-selling novelist name, Constance May–wrote… Continue Reading →

Sports Agents: Leigh Steinberg and The Art of the Deal

By BOB ANDELMAN (Originally published in Gallery Magazine, Spring 1994) Vince Lombardi never met a sports agent he liked. Or one with whom he’d negotiate a deal. According to legend, when a popular Green Bay Packers player showed up in… Continue Reading →

The Unknown Man: College official, bank robber William Strawn

(The following story appeared in Tampa Bay Life in 1989.) Rosie Owen just wanted to cash a check. What she got that clear November morning was a few minutes of sheer terror that will last a lifetime. “I had just… Continue Reading →

King, Queen & Subject: The Snell Isle Murder of Joan Amos

(“The Snell Isle Murder of Joan Amos” was originally published in Tampa Bay Life, Spring 1991)  Sgt. William T. “Bud” Blackmon Jr. broadcast the second BOLO on the alleged fleeing murderer of a wealthy St. Petersburg socialite at 1 a.m…. Continue Reading →

Every Sunday, the same question: ‘Is Bruce Springsteen coming tonight?’

(Note: The following story originally appeared in the St. Petersburg Times, where I was a correspondent for many years. It was fun for my then-fiancee (now wife) and I to ask everybody we met, ‘Is Bruce Springsteen coming tonight?’) By… Continue Reading →

Swingtime Saturday Night: Sex with the Couple Next Door in Tampa Bay

 INSIST, THEY’RE NOT ABOUT TO FORSAKE. By Bob Andelman and Linda Gibson (Originally published in… Continue Reading →

Lynne Austin: The Original Hooters Girl! INTERVIEW

(This story was written in June 1989. I believe it appeared in Tampa Bay Life later that year. I also believe that some of the original text was lost due to computer incompatibility.) By Bob Andelman It’s 4:30 p.m. and… Continue Reading →

My latest book: Keep Your Eye on the Marshmallow! (Published 2013)

? Cool title, you say, but what’s it about? Here’s the scoop: The follow-up to the international bestsellers Don’t Gobble the Marshmallow…Ever! and Don’t Eat the Marshmallow…Yet! After facing many hardships and challenges, former chauffeur Arthur has come out on… Continue Reading →

Tampa Bay Weekly cover story on Wrap That Rascal written by Bob Andelman

Profile: Legendary Tampa Bay sportscaster Chris Thomas! PLAYERS 1991

By Bob Andelman (Originally published in Players, August 1991) The green blinking light is pressed. “Bobby from St. Pete, you’re at bat. Take a swing!” “Okay! I was at the airport the other day and Phil was there. He’s getting… Continue Reading →

Food Fight! Sweetbay to Publix: “See If You Can Guess What I Am Now!”

Interview: Shelly Broader, president of Kash n’ Karry/Sweetbay Supermarket. By Bob Andelman (This story originally appeared in the October 2005 issue of the Maddux Business Report, published in St. Petersburg, Florida. The story below is the unedited version and includes… Continue Reading →

R.I.P., Jon Rock n Roll Anthony

(I used to write a bi-weekly column, “RadioRadio,” for Players magazine in the Tampa Bay area. The following story about the late Q105 DJ Jon ‘Rock & Roll’ Anthony, originally appeared there in 1990. Read more about Anthony at… Continue Reading →

A Day in the Life of Bill McBride and Alex Sink, 1989! FLORIDA BUSINESS

(Former Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill McBride died suddenly today, December 23, 2012. It saddened me greatly as I always enjoyed interviewing him and just being in his company over the years. He and his wife, Alex Sink, were delightful… Continue Reading →

I was nervous when I heard yesterday today that The Sun newspaper in London (circulation: 2.385 million) would be publishing a review of “Fans Not Customers” by Vernon Hill and Bob Andelman today. But I guess I worry too much:… Continue Reading →

All hail the Jingle King, Jeff Arthur! MADDUX BUSINESS REPORT

  By Bob Andelman (Originally published in Maddux Report, 1989) Some might say that jingle writing isn’t an art, it’s just advertising.Maybe. But there is a certain melodical, redundant appeal to a well-done jingle that is at once irrepressible and… Continue Reading →

The Accio Actors present: TREK (Trailer)

  If you missed “Trek The Musical” this weekend at the Studio @ 620, click the video below for a little taste of what you missed. (And here’s a hint: that’s my daughter Rachel Jeanie Chekov Andelman in the forefront… Continue Reading →

Visual plagiarism case may lead to ethics for editorial cartoonists POYNTER

Editorial cartoonist Chip Bok interviewed by Bob Andelman for Poynter Online.    LINK: Second visual plagiarism case may lead to ethics guidelines for editorial cartoonists | Poynter. I wrote this story for Poynter Online. It’s packaged with a video interview… Continue Reading →

The House! The House! The House Is On Fire! A Play by Bob Andelman

By Bob Andelman Mr. Media® Radio Network • Email • Twitter • Facebook • LinkedIn • YouTube • Free Mr. Media Android App • Stitcher And now for something completely self-indulgent… Thanks to a suggestion by my friend Raffi Darrow,… Continue Reading →

Dan Wheldon Remembered: An IndyCar Driver St. Petersburg Called Its Own (2006 Interview)

(Note from the author: I interviewed race car driver Dan Wheldon twice over the years, the longest conversation in 2006 for the Maddux Business Report. We weren’t friends by any measure but he was literally a part of our community… Continue Reading →

Real estate developer Ken Good remembered, fondly by some, not so much by others

Image via Wikipedia (I read today that Tampa Palms developer Ken Good died on August 13, 2011, in Dallas. He had a profound and lasting impact on the Tampa Bay area in the late 1980s and I was reminded of… Continue Reading →

Stephen Baldwin, Jamey DuVall and Bob Andelman Honored Among Talkers Magazine’s Annual Frontier Fifty

LINK: Stephen Baldwin, Jamey DuVall and Bob Andelman Honored Among Talkers Magazine’s Annual Frontier Fifty This was the second consecutive year that Bob Andelman, a.k.a., Mr. Media made Talkers Magazine’s Frontier Fifty list. Thanks, Talkers!

Stitcher’s ‘Meet the Talkers’ turns tables, poses embarrassing questions to ‘the other King of All Media,’ Mr. Media!

By Matty Staudt Stitcher Radio January 7, 2011 Bob “Mr. Media” Andelman has been in the business for over 30 years. Through his newspaper columns, radio shows, and podcasts he has interviewed over 700 people. He and Matty talk about… Continue Reading →

Kurt Long and FairWarning: Ahead of the Curve (Maddux Business Report)

By Bob Andelman Maddux Business ReportNovember 2009 Whatever his personal political beliefs, St. Petersburg software developer Kurt Long found good things to say about select leaders of both parties over the last 12 months. Long’s company, FairWarning, develops privacy software used… Continue Reading →

Pinellas County Corporate Report: Jobs. Period. (Maddux Business Report)

The Pier in St. Petersburg, image via WikipediaBy Bob Andelman Maddux Business ReportDecember 2009Over the last two decades, Pinellas County economic development has at times embraced military contractors, medical manufacturers, tourism operators and technology developers. Rolling with the latest twist and… Continue Reading →

Good. Bad. Ugly. The state of Tampa Bay’s commercial real estate market (Maddux Business Report)

Downtown Lakeland, Florida, image via WikipediaBy Bob AndelmanMaddux Business ReportMarch/April 2010Fifty years in the commercial real estate business.  That’s a huge milestone for Lakeland-based Hauger-Bunch Inc., to be sure, but company president David Bunch says it’s not going to be… Continue Reading →

Where are they now? Cleveland Wheeler, Mason Dixon (Maddux Business Report)

By Bob AndelmanMaddux Business ReportOctober 2009 Radio was more fun and unpredictable in the 1980s and early ‘90s thanks to air personalities such as Cleveland Wheeler and Mason Dixon, who were featured in our November 1988 and October 1991 cover… Continue Reading →

Power Study: John Jovich’s presidential obsession (Tampa Bay Life, July 1991)

Tweet   Copyright 2010 Bob Andelman. Click here for copyright permissions!Some stories may appear in this archive in unedited or different versions that are different from their print counterparts.

The Power 25 (Tampa Bay Life cover story, July 1991)

Tweet   Copyright 2010 Bob Andelman. Click here for copyright permissions!Some stories may appear in this archive in unedited or different versions that are different from their print counterparts.

NAIOP Tampa Bay Corporate Report: Leading the Charge (Maddux Report PDF)

By Bob Andelman Maddux Business ReportJune 2010 Click the image below or HERE to download the entire NAIOP Tampa Bay corporate report (7 MB). Copyright 2010 Bob Andelman. Click here for copyright permissions!Some stories may appear in this archive in unedited… Continue Reading →

Stitcher Radio casts Mr. Media’s interview show in a bright, smartphone app nightlight!

By BOB ANDELMAN (email) I can still remember the first time I saw her. She was a banner ad adrift on my old friend Mark Larsen’s “Mark in the Morning” home page, broadcasting the clever way she carried his show… Continue Reading →

What Great Radio Guests Do (Part 2 of 2)

What Great Radio Guests Do (Part 2 of 2) Second part of Brad Phillips interviewing Mr. Media.

What Terrible Radio Guests Do (Part 1 of 2)

What Terrible Radio Guests Do (Part 1 of 2)

The Profiler–now in large-print edition!

Introducing the large print edition of The Profiler by Pat Brown with Bob Andelman. (Never guessed I’d be looking forward to that for any reason other than royalties, but things change…)     Copyright 2010 Bob Andelman. Click here for… Continue Reading →

Falling in Colour

Leading the Charge: NAIOP Tampa Bay joins hundreds of groups around Florida seeking to defeat the ‘Hometown Democracy’ initiative (Maddux Business Report)

Tampa @ night, image by bwhistler via FlickrBy Bob Andelman (email)June 2010Maddux Business Report The developers and real estate professionals who comprise the core membership of the Tampa Bay chapter of NAIOP are rolling up their sleeves and preparing for… Continue Reading →

Tampa’s Finest: Jane Castor worked her way up the ranks to make PD history (Maddux Business Report)

By BOB ANDELMAN Maddux Business Report (Cover Story) May 2010 Let’s say that Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio made a list of the things she wanted to accomplish before the end of her second term. Among them might be: • Complete… Continue Reading →

“The Profiler” author Pat Brown on “Today Show” (NBC, May 18, 2010)

My latest project was co-authoring The Profiler (Hyperion Voice, May 2010) with famed criminal profiler Pat Brown. Here’s the interview she did on May 18, 2010 with Ann Curry on the “Today Show” to launch the book:

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