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Tampa Bay

Food Fight! Sweetbay to Publix: “See If You Can Guess What I Am Now!”

Interview: Shelly Broader, president of Kash n’ Karry/Sweetbay Supermarket. By Bob Andelman (This story originally appeared in the October 2005 issue of the Maddux Business Report, published in St. Petersburg, Florida. The story below is the unedited version and includes… Continue Reading →

R.I.P., Jon Rock n Roll Anthony

(I used to write a bi-weekly column, “RadioRadio,” for Players magazine in the Tampa Bay area. The following story about the late Q105 DJ Jon ‘Rock & Roll’ Anthony, originally appeared there in 1990. Read more about Anthony at… Continue Reading →

A Day in the Life of Bill McBride and Alex Sink, 1989! FLORIDA BUSINESS

(Former Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill McBride died suddenly today, December 23, 2012. It saddened me greatly as I always enjoyed interviewing him and just being in his company over the years. He and his wife, Alex Sink, were delightful… Continue Reading →

All hail the Jingle King, Jeff Arthur! MADDUX BUSINESS REPORT

  By Bob Andelman (Originally published in Maddux Report, 1989) Some might say that jingle writing isn’t an art, it’s just advertising.Maybe. But there is a certain melodical, redundant appeal to a well-done jingle that is at once irrepressible and… Continue Reading →

The Accio Actors present: TREK (Trailer)

  If you missed “Trek The Musical” this weekend at the Studio @ 620, click the video below for a little taste of what you missed. (And here’s a hint: that’s my daughter Rachel Jeanie Chekov Andelman in the forefront… Continue Reading →

Stephen Baldwin, Jamey DuVall and Bob Andelman Honored Among Talkers Magazine’s Annual Frontier Fifty

LINK: Stephen Baldwin, Jamey DuVall and Bob Andelman Honored Among Talkers Magazine’s Annual Frontier Fifty This was the second consecutive year that Bob Andelman, a.k.a., Mr. Media made Talkers Magazine’s Frontier Fifty list. Thanks, Talkers!

Tampa’s Finest: Jane Castor worked her way up the ranks to make PD history (Maddux Business Report)

By BOB ANDELMAN Maddux Business Report (Cover Story) May 2010 Let’s say that Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio made a list of the things she wanted to accomplish before the end of her second term. Among them might be: • Complete… Continue Reading →

The Re-Animator: Tampa Bay Rays owner Stuart Sternberg (Maddux Business Report)

By Bob Andelman Maddux Business Report Cover Story January/February 2006 There was a day last summer when Stuart Sternberg knew, without question, that he was playing in an entirely different league. Being a Wall Street whiz kid was cool, but… Continue Reading →

How 2 Mkt 2 Gen Y (Maddux Business Report)

Slacker Punks are taking over. R u ready? By Bob AndelmanMaddux Business ReportMarch 2008 They’re called Generation Y by the mainstream media, slacker punks by their elders who don’t care for their ever-present iPods, BlackBerrys, laptops and disinterested attitudes. But… Continue Reading →

Ask Patty (Biz941 Magazine)

A Sarasota company finally recognizes that women drive the car-buying market. By Bob AndelmanBiz941 MagazineOctober 2007 Research shows that women influence buying decisions on more than 85 percent of all new car purchases. So why do the dealerships selling the… Continue Reading →

Great Fortune: How Three Talented Chinese Immigrants Mastered Bay Area Business (Maddux Business Report)

By Bob AndelmanMaddux Business Report Cover StoryNovember 2007 Windy Zou Kohl “The Born Diplomat” Windy. It’s a great first name, clearly, but it’s not real. “When I first came to the United States to go to grad school,” says Windy… Continue Reading →

Can Lightning Strike Twice? MADDUX BUSINESS REPORT

By Bob Andelman Maddux Business Report Cover Story October 2007 Put yourself in Jay Feaster’s shoes. Year in and year out, your team, the Tampa Bay Lightning, is a playoff contender. That would be good enough in most cities, but… Continue Reading →

St. Petersburg: The Rising Sun! MADDUX BUSINESS REPORT 2007

By Bob Andelman Maddux Business Report September 2007 You can’t appreciate the allure of St. Petersburg’s new mid-rise and high-rise residential and office towers until you’re standing above the low-rise profile of the older part of the city. Suddenly the… Continue Reading →

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