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Clearwater Jazz Holiday

Al Downing: Pinellas’ Father of jazz still touts his first love!

By Bob Andelman October 17, 1984 By a combination of popular acclaim and default, pianist Al Downing is Pinellas County’s father of Jazz. “You live by your reputation,” he joked. It’s getting so people call and say, ‘We want you… Continue Reading →

Citizen Mains: Don Mains was Barbara Bush’s advance man! PROFILE

By Bob Andelman (Originally published in Tampa Bay Life, 1990) Don Mains is a little edgy. Not that he doesn’t have good cause. Waiting by the phone for the White House to call would be enough, and that’s precisely Mains’… Continue Reading →

Jazz singer Fred Johnson making a name for himself! 1985 INTERVIEW

  By Bob Andelman Originally published October 16, 1985 Fred Johnson wears Klompen – Dutch shoes. “I know they’re weird,” he said, “but I don’t care.” The St. Petersburg-based jazz singer also has a distinctive tattoo on his left forearm…. Continue Reading →

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