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Cleveland Wheeler

St. Petersburg Market Now A Hotbed For Comedy Clubs! 1985 STORY

By Bob Andelman May 1985 “Up until tonight, my career was going beautifully… I remember my mother said to me, ‘Michael, don’t go to law school! Go down to St. Petersburg and entertain in a bar!’” Michael Fetcher, a young… Continue Reading →

Cat Summers profile, a.k.a.. T.J. Bryant, a.k.a., Dennis D.J. Prior! 1991 INTERVIEW

By Bob Andelman (I used to write a bi-weekly column, RadioRadio, for Players magazine in the Tampa Bay area. The following story appeared in 1991.) D.J. Prior is one of those jocks who gets around. KQKS in Denver, KSON in… Continue Reading →

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