The Power of Two
Three smart, influential bay area couples granted the MADDUX BUSINESS REPORT a rare peek into their public and private lives. The chatty profiles you are about to read are not your typical fare for a business story. Instead, we’re lifting the curtain on three women and three men who you probably think you know — but you may find you don’t know them at all

The phone calls started, in earnest, in March 2005.

It wasn’t the first time someone in the McBride/Sink home was solicited by the Democratic Party to take a run at public office. The last time one of them listened to the voices, former Holland & Knight managing partner Bill McBride ran for governor against Jeb Bush.

And lost.

This time, the calls were for his wife, Alex Sink, the former president of Bank in America in Florida.

“They did a poll,” Bill says. “Hillary Clinton called.”

“Nancy Pelosi called,” Alex adds.

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