I recently was invited to start posting the Mr. Media podcasts at DigitalJournal.com, a wonderful site that encourages readers to become citizen reporters. That was nice in and of itself, but then the site’s editor, David Silverberg, had this to say about Mr. Media on DJ’s “Top Finds” page:

“It’s always impressive when a writer goes the extra mile by adding multimedia to articles. The interviewer extraordinaire who accomplished this feat, while also winning the Top New Citizen Journalist Award, is Bob Andelman, aka Mr. Media. His articles aren’t what DigitalJournal.com readers are used to: Bob’s entertainment interviews are audio posts, giving readers, um, listeners the unfiltered Q&A. There were chats with political blog editors, documentary filmmakers, sitcom creators, and Hollywood producers. Every post was Citizen Journalism at its finest — original and under-recognized interviews, polished with a unique voice and salted with humourous introductions. Keep up the great work, Bob!”

Thanks, DigitalJournal.com!