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By Bob Andelman

Have you driven a Ford lately? Do you need a good reason to come back to America’s automobile company? If you’re making decisions based on a company’s commitment to the environment and a sustainable future, I hope you’ll stay with us for the next 30 minutes.

Joining me in a moment is Ford executive Cischke. She’s the company’s group vice president for sustainability, environment and—no kidding—safety engineering. I’ll have to remember to ask what the connection is!

And fyi, I’m told that Sue is also the highest-ranking woman at Ford.

I first learned of Bill Ford’s commitment to building sustainable automotive products almost a decade ago. A magazine assignment sent me to a corporate conference on sustainability at a time when it was a phrase that few people yet understand. But the names that everyone was buzzing about as early adopters were Nike’s Phil Knight—and Bill Ford.

Ford has made sustainability a major principle of his time in the chairman’s seat at the company his great-grandfather started back in 1903. And today, responsibility for maintaining the Ford Motor Company’s high commitment to sustainability falls to my gust, Sue Cischke, who joins us now.

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You can LISTEN to this interview with FORD MOTOR COMPANY group vice president for sustainability, environment and safety engineering SUE CISCHKE by clicking the audio player above!

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