The Value of a Global MBA by Bob Andelman, Global Trade MagazineStory by Bob Andelman

Sean Scott is the director of strategic business at Celadon in Indianapolis. He might just be the poster child for the value of a global MBA.

“There’s been a lot of stuff that I learned in the classroom,” says the current executive MBA student at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. “Fortunately, I’m already in a position high enough in my organization to truly apply those in a day-to-day work environment where I can suggest something to my boss, who will then take it up the ladder to their boss until it reaches a level where we could try to implement a process. I can learn something in the classroom on a Tuesday and be at work on a Wednesday morning trying to figure out how we can leverage it to become more effective at what we do.”

Ultimately, that’s the point of an executive going back to school: Take what you learn today and turn it into business improvements on the job tomorrow. And if those lessons can be applied globally as well as domestically, it’s an even smarter bet.

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