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Bob Andelman Articles Archive

Tampa Bay

Maddux Report

"At Risk? As hotels and motels rapidly give ground to pricey, new condos, will the future of Tampa Bay tourism look like... This... Or this?" June, 2004 Cover Story

"Annual NAIOP Review -- Mixing It Up" June, 2004 Special Report

"The Many Faces of Linda Marcelli: Trustee, broker, red tomato picker" May, 2004 Cover Story

"Surf, Sand and Dollars" May, 2004 Tampa Bay Beaches Report,

"Women in Business: Suite Success" May, 2004 Feature Story

"Funny Business: Tampa Bay's Colony of Cartoonists" April, 2004 Cover Story

"20th Anniversary Issue"; Three stories: "The Forging of Tampa Bay"; "A Thoroughly Unauthorized History"; and "The Future May Be Closer Than You Think" March, 2004 Cover Story

"The Return of Cirque du Soleil" March, 2004 Feature Story

"Annual Economic Yearbook: Four executives tell you what to expect for 2004" January/February, 2004 Cover Story

"Hospitality Growth Strategy: Waiting on Aunt Martha" January/February, 2004 Feature Story

"Cool Gifts/Made in Tampa Bay" December, 2003 Cover Story,

"So Why Deal with a Broker?" December, 2003 FGCAR 2004

"A Top Rating" December, 2003 Pinellas County Corporate Report,

"Hollywood Calling: The Punisher film crew finds Tampa's hospitality anything but punitive" November, 2003 Hospitality Column

"Letting It Happen: A grassroots movement -- Creative TampaBay -- seeks to draw jobs out of art" November, 2003 Arts & Culture Column

"The Place To Be" October, 2003 Hillsborough County Corporate Report

"Out from the Shadows" September, 2003 Cover Story

"Made in Tampa Bay:Bay area manufacturing hangs on during a not-so-robust economy" December 2002 Cover Story

This Name Means Boats: Profile of boat-builder Chris-Craft (September 2002):

It's The Law:
The spate of recent accounting scandals has

caused a deeper involvement by legal eagles
Cover Story, October 2002

The Bay Area Money Tree
With the right talent and technology Tampa firms
are attracting venture capital dollars

Cover Story, December 2001

Sports Economics

Jeb Bush

Andrew Young

Eric Eicher

Air Canada

Jack Critchfield

Hugh Culverhouse

Peggy Peterman

George Steinbrenner

Howard Troxler

Dear Vince:
Some Modest Proposals to Cure Major League Invincibility

Bay Area Lures Canadian Business:
Cross-border commerce is on the rise

Oil Spill


Gulf Coast Business Review
Tampa Bay Review
Pinellas County Review

"Downtowns Are Back." March 26, 2004 Cover Story

"Lightning Master: Jay Feaster spends most of his time near the ice rink, not in the courtroom. In Feaster's first full season as general manager of Tampa Bay Lightning, the National Hockey League team won its first division title." January 30, 2004 Feature Story

"Corporate Counsel: Attorney David Vetter left private practice 10 years ago to join Tech Data Corp., the largest public company in the Tampa Bay area by revenue" January 9, 2004 Feature Story

"Year Ahead: An informal survey of Tampa Bay area law firms show lawyers are optimistic about 2004. More hiring is expected" January 2, 2004 Feature Story

"Business of Divorce: Most of Jim Knox's divorce cases don't make headlines. But one recent case has been written about as far away as California" November 28, 2003 Feature Story

"Brewing Success: Many people have heard of Melitta coffee. But they don't know the U.S. division is based in Clearwater" November 28, 2003 Feature Story

"Good Business: All the refinancing action has resulted in older debts being paid off, causing a boon for collection departments and lawyers, including those at Kass, Schuler, Solomon, Spector, Foyle & Singer PA" November 28, 2003 Feature Story

"Health Care Costs: Up, Up and Away" December 19, 2003 Feature Story

"Developer and Lawyer: George Rahdert is a well-known First Amedment lawyer. His lesser known development company owns nearly 50 properties" December 12, 2003 Feature Story

"Peltz Shoes Goes Full Circle" November 28, 2003 Feature Story

"Retreats: An Investment in the Future" November, 2003 Feature Story

"A Changed Business" November, 2003 Feature Story

"10 Good Planning Ideas" Meeting Planners' Guide 2003 November, 2003 Feature Story

"Seven Common Mistakes of Amateur Meeting Planners" Meeting Planners' Guide 2003 November, 2003 Feature Story

"New Audiovisual Equipment Improves Conferences" Meeting Planners' Guide 2003 November, 2003 Feature Story

" Final Say" November 14, 2003 Feature Story

"Tandel Systems: Startup Readies for Growth" September 5, 2003 Feature Story

"Indigo Coffee: Two to Thirty" October 10, 2003 Feature Story

"Comics Guaranty Corp.: Comic Relief" August 15, 2003 Feature Story

"Hooters 6: Clueless, Yet Brilliant" August 1, 2003 Feature Story

Profile of St. Petersburg Attorney/NAACP President Darryl Rouson December 2002 Cover Story

James Grippando

Allweiss & Allweiss

Merkle & Magri

Richard Catalano

Ronald P. Hanes

Richard Cosnow

Lazzara & Paul

George Rahdert

Joe Registrato

Stephen Story

Fred Zinober

Ira Mitlin



Will Baseball Come to St. Petersburg?

Florida Aquarium


Business Week

Outback Steakhouse

Affordable Housing

Major League Baseball Expansion Talk


Enterprise Village

Travel: Florida Panhandle

Travel: Super Bowl XXV at Tampa Stadium

Florida State Budget Cuts

Hockey in Florida?

Vindicator: Irradiation Plant in Mulberry

Suncreen Tips


National Law Journal

Women on Top in Florida Law


Cleveland Plain Dealer

Amos Murder Case Preview


  (In 1990-91, I wrote a bi-weekly column, RadioRadio,
  for Players magazine in the Tampa Bay area.)

Chris Thomas

Austin Keys

Mason Dixon 1

Mason Dixon 2

Alicia Kaye

Jon Anthony

Greg Mull

Phil & Bill on WMNF

Marla Stone

Nick Van Cleve

Tramonte Watts

Tom Marshall

Mark Larson

Live 1990

The Power Pig

Favorite DJ Contest

Fast Eddie

Eric Davis

D.J. Prior

Cleveland Wheeler

Charlie Logan

Baby D.J.

Boston Radio 1990


Tampa Bay Weekly

Bob Merkle


ABA Journal

Crash Landing: Dick Jacobs


Florida Business

97 Best Things About Tampa Bay

Bill McBride & Alex Sink

Tampa Bay Rowdies

Cozee Lynn Smith

Bob Merkle



Arenaball: Tampa Bay Storm


The Weekly Planet

"Everything You Own Belongs to Me: The George Feder Story" December 13, 2001 Cover Story

Oba Chandler: The Tampa Bay Murders Cover Story


Tampa Bay Life

Night Traffic Court

Tom McEwen

Don Mains

Bobby Friss

Kelly Ring

Judge Elizabeth Kovachevich

Lynne Austin

Barry Cohen

USF Condom Machines

King, Queen & Subject: The Joan Amos Murder


Sun-Times of Canada

Phil Esposito

Florida International Museum: Treasures of the Czars



Lari White

Barrett Reed Smith


Windsor Press Corporate Profiles

Bay Plaza


JUMP Monthly Magazine

MARCH 1987:

Remembering a Man of Sport and Influence, Sam Kaplan, by Bob Andelman; Devil Doll Dates and Singing Popcorn by Christopher James; What Happens When Roches Run Free by David Okamoto; Accessories for Modern Women: Rhinestone Beepers by Bob Greene; Cedric Tallis Wants to Play Ball in Tampa by Bob Andelman; Advocate Makes Case for Baseball in St. Pete by Bill Bunker; Slidin', Stealin', Rockin' and Reelin' by David Okamoto; Jim Neader - He Goes to Bat for Dwight Gooden by Bob Andelman; Lucy in the Sky on a Wing and a Prayer by Lucy Barch; Singles Bars are Theatre of the Absurd by Laura Kelly; Ask Dr. Judith Wisenheimer by Keith von Cannon; N.Y.-Style Noshing at Sal's Deli by Richard Kent; Exit 9 by Mason Dixon

JUNE 1987:

JULY 1987:


The Stories That Time (And I) Forgot

Bay Plaza

Hooters Restaurants


Stadium For Rent

Web Site


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